5-Star World Cruises Are Fun!

When it comes to having a fun experience nothing beats 5 star world cruises. There are just so many perks available to maximize the joy of travel when you spend that little bit extra money on a berth on a luxury liner. In comparison to traveling Europe, you have to include the cost of various plane tickets, train tickets to get from country to country, money for food and drinks, public transit, and everything else.

On a luxury around the world cruise, you get all of this in one price! It is usually cheaper to see the world via a luxury cruise than by other means. Not to mention the hassle travelers won’t have go through with planning everything.

You can expect the best from a 5-star around the world cruise package (http://www.amttravel.com/cruise-lines/5-star-world-cruises.html), including unique port of calls, all inclusive fares, more staff per passenger, famous chefs and top of the line amenities. By amenities we mean all sorts of unique things including wave-board, self-help classes, and helicopter rides to exotic places.

Guests can also expect countless onboard activities to choose from. Cruise passengers usually find that they don’t have time to get to do everything and never find themselves bored.

However those amenities also extend to the perks that are in your cabins. The linens and furniture may have designer labels and you may also be able to use scented bath oils and candles. Another perk might be such items as sheets with a 100 thread count, designer coffee blends and extra thick and fluffy towels and bathrobes.

The other great thing about 5-star cruises is that they tend to be smaller ships which mean that they are able to go to more ports than the monster cruise ships. When booking 5-star cruises you can really expect some great opportunities to explore smaller, more interesting ports of call.

Today on 5-star world cruises you are also more likely to encounter a very famous chef. Many that are booked on cruise ships have appeared on reality shows and on the Food channel. You can often surf the internet in order to find a cruise that is going to specialize in serving exactly the type of food that you are interested in.

For instance some cruise lines feature Iron Chefs that specialize or chefs from Miami that specialize in Fusion cuisines and even chefs that are mostly known for their cake decorating or baking abilities. In some instances the chef might even invite guests into the galley to do a food preparation demonstration.

In general there is simply more staff per guest on these 5-star world cruises. This means that you do not have to make your messy bed or worry about a single thing. Since your services are also usually all inclusive you also don’t have to worry about the banal basics like carrying cash around or tipping.

Usually you can just tip the staff after the trip and some 5-star world cruises also have a policy that does not allow you to tip any of their employs – no matter how unique and special they make you feel.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in travel, leisure, and 5-star world cruises. For a fantastic 5-star around the world cruise package, please visit http://www.amttravel.com/.
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