Things to Take Along When Traveling With Children

Traveling with children is not exactly something many parents look forward to, especially if the journey is going to take some time. Children, by nature, are new to experiences, which adults may have been taking for granted. So, that interstate road trip might not be as exciting for you the 45th time around, but for your kids, especially on their first trip, it might be akin to flying to the moon. There are a few things that should be included in the checklist of every parent, before they settle into their vehicle for a long journey with their children. These tips are –

* First Aid – Nothing upsets the mood of a journey like a medical emergency. Injuries can happen anywhere and preparation for the same is necessary. Have a fully prepared first-aid kit on-board, complete with sunscreen, hand cleaning liquid, insect repellent, anti-bacterial wipes, anti-fungal sprays, gauze, bandages of multiple sizes, medical tape, a thermometer, a pair of scissors, a pair of tweezers and oral re-hydration salts. Pack them into a small box and keep it in the glove compartment.

* Medication – With children’s developing immune systems, having some medicines at hand is always a good idea, especially when traveling. Include medication for allergies, motion sickness, diarrhea, nasal sprays, cough medicines, antacids, laxatives, along with medicines to help with fevers and pains. A strip of every medicine should help you out, until you reach a medical center.

* Packing – Even if your children are old enough to pack for themselves, still it might be a prudent move to check whether they have included all the necessities for the journey. Toothbrushes, toiletries, clothing can be delegated to the children, but travel essentials like documentation and money should be taken care of by the adults. Make sure those items, which would be easily available during or at the end of the journey, are not a priority.

* Food – Keeping your child well fed ensures that your journey is going to be a lot more relaxed. A good idea is to prepare a small bag, filled with treats that your children can enjoy on the journey. Keep the contents of the bag a surprise, for rewarding good behavior with treats. Make sure you have an adequate amount of drinking water available too.

* Breaks – Children are not accustomed to traveling for hours on end, so taking breaks in the journey becomes necessary to ensure their comfort. Stop over at a wayside restaurant or to unpack some home-cooked food, if your children have sensitive stomachs.

The above mentioned tips will definitely make your journey a pleasant one, however, the key necessity for traveling with children would be patience. A long journey is not something most children are accustomed to and many a time a child may display a negative reaction to being cooped up for a couple of hours. Just remember that adequate preparation on your part means the child will have a more positive association with the experience of traveling.

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