Top 5 Must-See Churches on Goa Holiday

A lot have been penned about Goa’s scintillating shoreline and its sun-kissed beaches. But a very few people know that this smallest state in India is famous for its churches too. They are remnants of Portuguese rule in the state and depict its wealth of history & culture. There are around hundreds of churches in…

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How to Find Great Deals on Cruises Online

Finding, booking and paying for a cruise online has never been easier. The internet has made the whole process fast and convenient. What might be more difficult is deciding which cruise to take and just where to cruise to, there are cruises to suit every taste and budget, ranging from a few days sailing around…

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5-Star World Cruises Are Fun!

When it comes to having a fun experience nothing beats 5 star world cruises. There are just so many perks available to maximize the joy of travel when you spend that little bit extra money on a berth on a luxury liner. In comparison to traveling Europe, you have to include the cost of various…

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